Deep breath.. Here we go. 

Alright so, I had just turned 18 and I was growing into my body. I finally had hips and was shaped like a Coca Cola bottle, but with this shape came with this vicious mouth and attitude.

I heard the same comments all the time about my mouth. My mum always told me "your mouth is going to get you into trouble one day". At the time, I had become a tyrant. I was coming into the house whenever I wanted to. In my head, I was grown as fuck and who was going to convince me otherwise. It was November 1 2016, I was at my cousin Lisa's house sitting on the verandah on my phone. Her boyfriend sold weed so there were all kinds of guys coming in and out of the house. But it was this one fine dude who caught my eye. He was tall and dark skinned with dreads. He got out of the car and GIRLLL he smiled at me. His teeth were so white and he licked his lips. I dropped my head so fast coz I was so nervous. If I was light skinned I probably would have gone red.

He walked up and went into the house first then he came out and said "what's your name"? Knowing me, I had to get smart so I said "WHY?". He smiled and said "you got an attitude on you. I like that". I laughed and said "I'm Yvonne". He snatched my phone out of my hand and I yelled "WTF are you doing?!" and he was like "relax, I could buy you a million of these". He put his number in my phone and said, "My name is Eric. Text me and then he screeched his car tyres and pulled off fast in his BMW 5 Series trying to flex 😂.

I can't lie. He had me smiling hard. I went home and we literally texted all night until he asked "so how old are you"? Now, I knew he probably was old enough to be my dad but I didn't care. I hated boys my age. They were so childish. I said "18" and he said "I'm 41, is that too old for you baby"? I said "nah, I'm grown".

We had been linking every weekend but always in groups of people until December 28th 2016. He asked me to get a room with him so of course I did. I was falling for this man so I got there about 20:00hrs but I had no idea what I was walking into. Eric was rolling some weed and drinking. At first we were laughing and having a good time until he started to do a couple of lines. YES, COCAINE! I knew Eric did it but I loved him and who was I to judge him?

My phone started going off and he was like "who the fuck is that calling you endlessly"? I said to him "chill, this is my best friend Andrea" but he snapped and yelled "Ah fuck! I knew you were a little bitch". I yelled "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY"? But before I could finish, he punched me twice, pushed me down and busted my lip.

I was so shocked. Blood was leaking everywhere on my shirt and all over the carpet. I couldn't do anything but Eric picked me up and put me on the bed. He said "baby I'm sorry. I love you and I promise to never hit you again". That was the first time he had said he loved me. Now, I should have got my shit and left BUT he pulled my pants off and began to eat my pussy. He gave me the best dick I ever had. I mean I creamed in less than five minutes. My legs were shaking and the way he made love to my body was amazing. He had me just where he wanted me and I couldn't let go because my soul was being snatched.

The next morning he dropped me off at the end of my road. When I got home, my mum asked me what had happened to my lip and I told her that I had got into a fight with some girl at a party. I didn't tell my mum about Eric because she always hated that I messed around with older guys plus I did not want to hear a long ass speech about the cons of dating older guys. 

So after that night I began to ignore all of Eric's calls and texts. He was BLOWING UP MY PHONE but there was no way I was gonna be with someone who hit me. 

A couple of weeks went by and I hadn't seen my period or Eric so I called my best friend Tinashe to bring me a pregnancy test. I told her to look because I was too scared to look. I didn't even want to know. Tinashe just stared at me with this concerned look on her face and her mouth was literally wide open. She didn't even have to say anything because her look said it all. I was pregnant but before I could process it all, I heard loud music coming from my yard. I'm like WTF. I looked out my window and it was Eric! I'm like WTF is he doing here?! What does he want? Keep in mind I had been ignoring him and just found out I was pregnant with his baby. Before I could get to the door, my mum opened it and yelled,  "ERIC, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?! I heard Eric say "EVELYN" in a confused tone.

My mum should, "YVONNE, COME HERE NOW"! I'm like oh shit here we go again. She's going to go crazy because he's way older than me. 

I walked out of my room and the next words my mum said changed my entire life. She said, "YVONNE, can you ask your daddy why he is here"?


I had just turned 18 and was pregnant with my daddy's baby. 

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