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This category contains highly explicit stories of a sexual nature. All stories are written by Sugar Dick to the muthafuckin Dupree except were indicated.

My man and I live in different cities, so last week, I went to visit him for the weekend and we had sex multiple times. But one particular time was unbelievably amazing. Argh, I saw stars!

Stororo: I once fucked the living daylights out of someone's chick, but I suspect the guy knew about it so I'm gonna write this stororo from his point of view. I've written about the guy before. This is a true story. The couple were from South Africa and trying to make a new life in London, England.

Ow-kay, I'm gonna write about an encounter I had with my boyfriend's best friend. Sigh, here goes...

Cheating is so wrong but yet feels so fucking right..

Sigh, I'm just reminiscing about the time I fucked a chick named Faith at a party. Her then boyfriend was related to President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. I think he was a nephew or some shit like that.

We were at a cute hotel, upper class hotel not some riff raff, in Alexandra Park
• drinking and whispering in each other’s ears about what we were planning on doing to each other.