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This category contains tips to make you better at fucking and shit along those lines.

Cock rings are basically rings worn around the dick. It's as simple as that. Below is an image.

Oral sex topic again. I asked this question in a group I run on Facebook. The question was, "ladies, what’s one thing you wish a guy did whilst he was going down on you"? Here's what the women said.

It's definitely not the area under his balls, and no, it's not that line between his balls that your friends told you about at a baby shower you attended a couple of years ago.

Dick topics are the most popular on this blog, so this article is about dick sucking commandments. I'll make it short and sweet. 

Handjob: Veeeery underrated. Listen ladies, your tiny soft hands feel so good on the dick. Well, I suppose I should speak for myself, but yeah, they feel good.

Fingering is much more than just sticking your fingers in her pussy and then poking in and out. It's an art.