Dick topics are the most popular on this blog, so this article is about dick sucking commandments. I'll make it short and sweet. 

Anyhoo, once again, you need a mouth, lips, a pair of hands and five fingers on each hand. You also need to have a dick in front of you, and no, a cucumber isn't as good as a dick.

Now, when you have the dick in front of you, here's what you always need to remember.

• No teeth please. The dick is a delicate piece of kit. It can take some punishment but it needs to be handled with care.

• No sharp nails. File your nails please. Long nails may also be an issue.

• Saliva is needed. Some guys like plenty and some don't want it too messy. Personally, I'm not into messy blowjobs. Maybe it's because all of my exes never gave me messy blowjobs so that shit is new to me. I'm also not into deep throating especially when she starts to make that 'glug glug glug' sound. Don't get me wrong, I do like my it wet but I don't want a puddle of saliva. No thanks, ma'am.

• Make the head wet and slippery with saliva.

• Don't just cover the head with your mouth, suck it. Wrap your lips around it and suck it. Make love to the dick with your mouth.

• Dont just grab hold of it. Use your hands to.. actually, look at the image below and maybe you can learn a thing or two about using hands whilst sucking the dick. Grind the dick like you're grinding pepper. I talked about this yesterday in THIS POST.


Black woman sucking black dick


• Do not forget the balls. Massage them whilst you suck the dick or suck and lick them.

• Moan when sucking. That shit is such a big turn on.

• Eye contact is good but it's not necessary. Well, I guess it depends on the type of eyes you've got. Actually, it's all in the eye brows. Sexy eye brows can make even the wildest looking eyes appear sexy. You know what? I don't know want to start World War Three so I'm not even going to go there.

• When he cums, continue playing with his dick until it's soft or hard again.

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And that brings us to an abrupt end of this article. The next article will be about dicks too. SMH


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