Gosh, women are clueless when it comes to dealing with balls. They simply do not know what to do with them.

Thankfully, Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree has deployed himself to come to the rescue. Before I tell you what to do with his balls, click these images below from our sponsors so that I can make a bit of money.

Right, like I always say: every man is wired different. What turns Sugar Dick Dupree on won't necessarily turn your man on. We all have different levels of freakiness and sensitivity. But the first thing, ladies, you have to understand is that balls come with the dick. They are part of the package so you cannot and must not ignore them.


swinging black balls


• Are balls as sensitive as the dick head? Not at all.

• Are they as sensitive as the shaft of a dick? No.

• Are they sensitive in an orgasmic way? This depends with the guy. 

• Some balls can be more sensitive than the other (right ball more sensitive than the left, or left ball more sensitive than the right one).

• They can get a bit too sensitive which can cause some discomfort or even pain.


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The thing is: not many men actually know what they want done to their balls. Even I, Sugar Dick Dupree, haven't quite figured out what I like done to them. 

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But this is what we generally like:

• Cup them. Ask your man to guide you. 

• Lick them or put them in your mouth. Does it feel good? Somewhat, but just looking at you licking them will definitely turn him on. Remember what I've always said: men are visual creatures.

• Pulling down the entire sack can also feel good.

• Caress them gently. Your little warm and soft hands do feel nice when you caress the dick area.

I heard from several women that playing with the area between the balls and the exhaust can give a guy a powerful orgasm. I don't know how true that is, and personally, I have never had that shit done to me and I doubt that many guys will be comfortable with that sort of thing.

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Update: I've had that shit done to me and I can confirm that it did nothing for me. If anything, I was scared that she'd slide a finger up my arsehole so I was uncomfortable throughout. Did I like it? I actually don't know. Would I want it again? I don't really care.

That said, we do know what we don't like. 

• Don't pull or grab the balls too hard.

• Don't be too gentle with them. Being too gentle can make the balls too sensitive such that they will become too ticklish. Just be slow and gentle.

• Never squeeze them.

• Definitely keep your teeth away from them. 

• Do NOT try to rearrange the balls. By that, I mean don't try to move the left ball to the right side and don't try to move the right one to the left side. Just leave the balls as you found them. Trying to move them can be painful.

• Do not suck too hard, unless he tells you to.

I think I'm done for today on this topic, so...