Like I always say, every guy is different which means what sexually turns me (SDD) on might not necessarily turn on your man. You need to know what your man likes and what his hot spots are.

I'm just gonna give a few tips because I don't want you to do some shit that your mean might find off putting. I'm gonna be random but I think these are basic but necessary tips your ass needs.

• Declutter your bedroom. I don't know what it is but too many things lying around in the bedroom can actually ruin your sex life. Your bedroom and lounge tend to be the rooms where you spend most of your time and both have an impact on your mood. If they're messy, it actually fucks up your concentration levels and will ruin your mood. 

• Make sure you look nice, even if you're ugly as fuck. Get your hair done nicely or tied up, whatever you women do. Just look like you're clean all over.

• Make sure you smell nice and feminine. Do not drown yourself in perfume with an overpowering scent. It must be nice and pleasant. 

• Put on some lotion (all over your body) with a nice feminine fragrance. If you wear shorts or mini skirts around the house, make sure your legs are all nice and radiant. Moisturised legs are very attractive to look at. 

black woman legs

• Wear clean clothes. You don't have to dress up like you're going to dinner but just make sure your clothes are clean and presentable. But that doesn't mean you can dress up like a Christmas tree. Try to match. 

When you've done these things, you're half way there. I might have left out one or two things but at this present moment, the above is all I can think of.

Now let's say you've done all of this shit. Let's get to the sex part.

How to sexually please him. 

There's one thing all women need to understand: Men are visual creatures. What does that mean? It means LOOKS ARE WHAT ATTRACT US TO YOU. What exactly does that mean, Dr Dupree? It means, when I look at a woman, I'll be saying to myself "oh shit, look at those lips..look at that big ass, OMG look at those boobs". This is why men watch porn more than anyone.

Speaking of porn: Here Are The Effects Of Porn On Men

This means that during sex, your man will look at things that turn him on the most.

• If you have big boobs, the best position to please your man would Cow Girl (you on top) because your boobs will look even bigger (because of the angle) and when they bounce, that will turn him on.

• Missionary position (guy on top) allows him to look at your facial expressions, your boobs, your tummy,  your body movements, your neck, your shoulders etc. Trust me, he looks at everything.

• If you are big everywhere, the best position would be to squat on his dick whilst facing him. In this position, your entire body will be on full display because he'll also be able to see everything including your arms, pussy, legs and feet. 

• If you have a big ass, Cow Girl (but with you facing the other way) is a good one,  because he will have a great view of your butt, your entire back and body movements.

Reverse Cowgirl Sexually Visually Pleasing

• Doggy is also another good position to show off your ass and back. Now, remember what I said about using wet wipes to clean your exhaust a.k.a arse hole? During doggy, your exhaust will be on full high definition 3D technology, so any bit of dirt will be veeeeery noticeable. I have seen tissues, faeces and a weird yellowish/greenish/gold-ish colour on several arse holes. You need to make sure that it's all clean down there. 

• If he loves your thighs, then I recommend the 69 position. I actually like 69. I like that whole thing of being trapped between her thighs. Dunno if that makes me weird.

69 position

Err, I think that's it. I know you expected me to say "suck him dry, touch his dick, play with his arse hole bla bla bla" but remember what I said about "what turns me on will not necessarily turn the next man on"?? You need to talk to your man because that's the only way you'll ever get to know what he likes. Maybe he wants you to be a bit rough, maybe he wants you to be gentle, maybe he wants to take charge. Only he knows so ask, watch and learn. 

Lastly, if there's one thing that all men enjoy in the bedroom, it's a noisy woman. My gosh, sex with a noisy woman is fucking good! It makes me think I'm doing a very good job. It makes me feel like a bull. 

Anyhoo, I'm out. This was a response to a request by Tan from the comments section on my last post.

I'm out.. I've uninstalled Facebook so that's why I'm here. I think I'll post now articles. I've been trying to leave Facebook for a year. 

Sugar to the mothafucking Dupree!