Ladies, here are a few real life tips you have got to know.

Tip Number 1.

· This SHOULD go without saying, but wash your vagina and asshole before hooking up. Use a mild unscented soap with out for certain soaps that can absorb some of your natural moisture and may make you less wet during sex. Try washing yourself an hour or two before having sex. A clean asshole is a must because he will see everything during doggystyle..

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Tip 2.

· Make your blowjobs are as wet as fuck. Literally slobber (that's if he likes that shit) or slowly spit on the dick while going down on him. It makes it feel better for him plus it makes it easier for you to slide it down your throat if you're into deep-throating. If you can’t deep-throat, simply suck on the dick head while jacking off the shaft. That usually does the trick if he's uncircumcised.


Tip 3.

· Before hooking up, you must rub a vanilla scented lotion on your butt, inner thighs, tits and upper pubic mound. This will make your most sexual areas smell amazing!! Scents like vanilla are proven to be more of a turn on (these smells trigger release of endorphins).

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Tip 4.

· Eating pineapples or cranberries can make your pussy taste sweeter.

Tip 5.

· Keep a hair band with you at all times if you have longer hair. Throwing your hair up makes it get in the way a lot less. I remember how Sugar used to complain about his ex girlfriend's long braids getting into the way and that he found it irritating.

Last tip

Ladies, please please pee before and after sex. It helps flush out bacteria before it gets to the bladder plus it also decreases the chances of getting a urinary tract infection.£LeighPvtLtd


HRH, The Queen