Today's position is called Pronebone. It's basically a position in which your woman lies completely flat on her tummy with you fucking her from behind. Check out the video below.




This is that position where your girl will most definitely feel every inch of your dick. Its designed for deep penetration and, in my case, I almost always hit her g-spot. If you have a big dick, then the Pronebone should be last on your to do list. If you're gonna do it, make sure you're gentle.

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Please keep in mind that these tips are just general guidelines. What works for Sugar Dick Dupree won't necessarily work for you or your woman. You need to communicate with your woman or at least know what she likes. 

• Grab her waist

• Squeeze her butt

• Place you're hangs on her shoulder plates or her back

• Tell her to rub her clitoris. Speaking of the clitoris, it's been ages since I wrote about that shit. I guess I need to do a post soon. 

• Most women like to feel the weight of her man on top of her when in Pronebone so position yourself in a way that ensures most of your weight is on her not on your knees.


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I can't think of any disadvantages. I suppose I'm just going to repeat what I said above: you just have to be gentle if you have a big dick when it comes to these deep penetration positions like Pronebone and even Doggy style. Sex is never supposed to be painful. 

I guess this is all I can think of for now. As usual, if I have anything else to add, I will simply edit this post and add more shit.


Sugar Dick Dupree