Guys, sex doesn't start and end in the bedroom. NO! It starts from what you say to your woman when you wake up, how you treat her during the day right down to what you say to her before you sleep.

What you get in the bedroom at the end of the day is really a thank you for your actions.

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Do not expect your sex life to be excellent if your woman doesn't feel appreciated.
• tell her sweet nothings..
• give her little gifts here and there..
• buy her flowers..
• write her handwritten love letters (this never goes out of fashion)..
• text her throughout the day..
• compliment her regularly..
• tell her just how much you love/ want/miss her..
• tell her you can't wait to be with her..
• buy her clothes here and there..
• spoil her and make her feel special..

Trust me, it works. The whole point is to make her feel good about herself.



You also have to take care of yourself.
• Become best friends with water. Cleanliness is important to women.
• Brush your teeth everyday.
• Keep fit and exercise regularly
• Make an effort in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• Smell nice (women like that).
• Make sure you have a neat hair cut. If you've got locks, use shampoos and oils.
• Don't keep long nails. Cut them. Men should never have long nails. It's simply disgusting and unattractive. What do you need them for? To pick your house and to dig into your ears?
• Make sure you use lotions or stuff that makes your skin look nice.
• Shave off your facial hair or keep your beard clean and trimmed.
• Try to wear nice matching clothes. Don't get out of the house looking like a lit up Christmas tree. Wear decent clothing too.

Just look presentable.

My point is, ALL this makes you attractive to look at. YOU can do the above and look just as attractive for your woman.
• Why do you keep long nails?
• Why are you keeping that stupid facial hair?
• Why do you dress in torn up clothes like a mad man when you're at home?
• Why don't you brush your teeth regularly?
• Why can't you wear clean underwear?
• Why don't you smell good? You have no excuse!
• Why do you eat like a wild animal when you go out?
• Why can't you close your mouth when eating?
• Why aren't you interested in trying out new foods?


You're 30 yet you look 45. You don't treat your woman like a queen. You dress like a mad man and do not take care of yourself. No woman is attracted to that shit. No wonder your sex life is dull.

So, you see, sex ain't all about boom bang bye. It's a range of things.

Appearance, mannerisms, your hygiene, behaviour and your attitude play a BIG part. I've drifted away from my point, but you get the gist of this post.

Obviously, good sex also depends heavily on your performance in the bedroom but this article isn't about that. Its about everything else.

Lemme get out of here before I start to write irrelevant stuff. As usual, I rarely proofread so if you come up any mistakes, auto correct them.


Sugar Dick Dupree