Here's our position of the day. As usual, I don't know what this one is called but just look at the image. I'm sure you've done this before. 

So, what do I, SDD, like about this position?

I like..

• the skin to skin contact..

• feeling her soft butt rubbing against my groin..

• my chest pressed against her back..

• that I can slip my hand underneath her and pinch her bones or squeeze her boobs

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Guy on top sex position

Here are a few tips for this position. Remember, what works for SDD might not necessarily work for you so you have to improvise. 

• breathe/moan/grunt around her ears. Women want to hear you make noise in the bedroom. Don't be stiff and silent. 

• kiss, nibble and lick the sides and back of her neck

• kiss her cheeks

• squeeze her boobs and nipples

• play with her clitoris. This position is perfect for that. 

• spank her hips

• Talk nasty to her

• if your woman likes being choked (I'm not referring to that type of choking where one kinda cuts off oxygen supply) then do it. I personally like to have my hand on her neck. It'll be gentle but kinda firm. 

• Hold onto her shoulders (like in the image) and do fast short strokes.

• push your dick deep.

What To Watch Out For In This Position

• Don't do fast & furious long strokes because there's a very high chance that your dick will slip out of her pussy and you accidentally push it up her ass. Keep things nice, good and simple. 

• Watch your weight. The last thing you want to do is pin her down with all your weight to such an extent that it starts to become uncomfortably heavy for her. Uncomfortable sex is the worst sex. Some women like that shit and some don't. Just know what your woman likes. 

I think I'm done for today. I can't think of anything else at the moment. If something springs back to mind, I'll update this post.