Ladies, learn to stroke his dick. Below is a basic guideline. 

There isn't one size fits all method stroking technique because every guy is different and likes to be handled differently. So the following are just basics. 

· When you stroke his dick, all you have to do is ensure that your grip is loose enough that there's enough movement, and firm enough that the dick will not slip out of your hands. Keep that balance. is taking donations. Click here to donate.

· Do not grip it too hard because it can be painful (depending on how tight your grip is) or it can be uncomfortable. It will not feel nice.

· Don't grip it too soft because he will not feel anything. As a guy, I need to feel your little hands on my dick. I need you to grab it, but not too hard.




 Ladies Stroke The Dick Not Try To Pull It Off




· Do not pull too hard like you want to uproot the dick. It's uncomfortable.

· Do not grip too hard and pull too hard. It's painful. I've had that done to me and it was the worst blow job I have ever received in my life. To make matters worse, she used her teeth on my dick. That shit was so painful! I will tell you about this in another post.

How To Handle His Meat

· Have some lubrication within reach so that your wrist glides nicely up and down on his dick. The sliperry-ness feels nice. If you don't have lube, some saliva will have to do but keep in mind that saliva is water based which means it evaporates pretty quick. You'll have to keep spitting on his dick. Some guys might not enjoy that. 

Work on your wrist technique and learn how to stroke his dick and don't forget to ask him what he likes.