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This category contains tips to make you better at fucking and shit along those lines.

Doggystyle! I have written about this position before but this time round, I'm gonna focus on what you should do with your hands. This is from a guy's point of view by the way.. and this info is aimed at guys.

Doggy is a hit with women so I’m gonna give you a few random tips. I have talked about doggy a lot over the years so today I’m going to try to say something I’ve never said before. Lemme get into it.

This one is aimed at guys and it's all about how to attract a woman. This is basically a continuation of "Sex Doesn't Start And End in The Bedroom".

Foreplay is important, guys.

Premature ejaculation is basically when a guy cums too quickly just before sex or too soon after his dick enters his woman's pussy. Gosh, I feel like a Mr

Guys, listen to me. You can't be quiet during sex. Women actually enjoy fucking with a man who makes noise in the bedroom. Noise is a good way of letting your woman know that you're enjoying her pussy.