Gallery: Another Sex Tape From Zimbabwe

What is going on in Zimbabwe? Where are all these sex tapes coming from? This is the 7th tape released this week alone! I have no idea what's happening.

Anyhoo, this was said to be recorded in Arcadia, Zimbabwe. I'm not sure when it was recorded but we are thankful that it was recorded. Fore me, it gives me the chance to see just how people are fucking in these homes. I think I might know the woman. Something tells me I've spoken to her before. I hope she's not a fan of this blog because she'll be horrified if she sees herself here. If that's you in the tape and you want it removed, just contact me and I'll gladly remove it.

Here it is..

You can tell that she's enjoying the dick and that she is fucking someone she's in love with. Listen to the way she's hissing. Man, I bet she has a wet pussy, you know one of those that get extra slippery and creamy when wet and make squishy noises? Yeh lol. Ever had one of those, and the juices drip down all over your balls? It's the sort of pussy that'll make you shoot out loads of cum. Aaaah, wet pussy is good. I need to write about that in my next article. My dick is already hard just thinking about wet pussy. Yamira!

This article should have been titled Position Of The Day.

Anyway, I'm running out of stuff to say so...



Sugar Dick Dupree