Latest Sex Tape From Zimbabwe

Here is the tape that's doing the rounds on WhatsApp. I will delete it because it doesn't fit into the scope of things on this blog so download whilst you can. 

Here is part 1


Here is part 2



Click HERE to go to the Gallery, and HERE for Tips & Positions, and click HERE for the other tape that was recorded in Highlands, Zimbabwe.


I don't want to say a lot about this tape but I think the guy ended up focusing on recording such that he forgot about fucking her. The video was definitely made for him to show it off and brag to his friends hence the talking. I think I will  keep this here because it's hilarious.

For my international followers who need a translational:

In case you are wondering what he is saying..He is basically saying something like, "Im from New York. This is a New York dick..And this is how we fuck in New York.".

He then asks her "Do you want me to speak in tongues" and "Im B.A Baracus (Mr T from the A-Team)".

He is saying all kinda wild things lol



Sugar Dick Dupree