Do Men Have Preference Regarding Labia Size?

Are men obsessed about the size of a woman's labia, as in the bigger the better?

The simple answer is NO. We guys tend to talk about sex a lot, and in great detail, but the size of labia is one subject that never really comes up. I talk to my friends daily about sex but I cannot recall a time when we have discussed about the size of labia. If anything, the only thing that seems to turn them off is a forest full of pubic hair.

We don't really pay too much attention to the size of labia and it's not really a deal breaker but I guess that really depends with the guy. 

long labia

Personally, I don't care about the size. A pussy with short labia can look just as sexy as a meaty pussy with long labia. 

I guess the answer is: Stop worrying. We don't really care about the size of your labia.

Adina once wrote a post about elongated labia (matinji) a few years ago. I've got it in the archives. I'll polish it up and re-post it.



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