Just How Many Holes Does A Woman Have?

A Woman has THREE holes down there. I know most of you are shocked but they do have three!

· Hole number one is the exhaust, which they use for farting and pooping.

· Hole number two is for urinating/pissing. It's called the urethral hole. It is located somewhere between the pussy opening and the clit. Nobody quite knows exactly where it is, so it's just an estimate. Even women do not know where exactly their wee comes from which explains why they always pee on their hands when they're supposed to be peeing in a cup when they're giving a sample at the doctor. Real talk, bruh.

· Hole number three is for dicks and babies. This is probably the most known hole and it's the one that drives all men crazy. It is the hole we all came out from and the same hole we spend the rest of our lives trying to get back into.

Shocking, isn't it? I personally think they have another hidden hole because I remember one time during sex with an ex, my dick went into an unknown hole or chamber. It wasn't her exhaust and it wasn't the pussy hole. All I know is that my dick was in her. She couldn't even tell where it was and couldn't feel it. I had to take it and then slide it back in her. Luckily, it went into the correct hole. But up to this day, I still do not know where my dick had gone. I think it had entered a different channel or a secret chamber.

The pussy is a fascinating piece of kit.

I need to do further studies so..



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