Side Dude Commandments

Let's get straight into them.

· Thou shalt honour the main man so that the side dude's days may be multiplied.

· Thou shalt not confront the main man under any circumstances whatsoever.

· Thou shalt not ask for commitment of any sort from the woman.

· Thou shalt not develop any feelings or fall in love or ask questions like "what are we".

· Thou shalt not be found within a 17 mile radius of the woman's home.

· Thou shalt not ask to be introduced to the woman's friends.

· Thou shalt not ask for the woman's phone number. Know your place and just wait to be called.

· Thou shalt never get jealous of the main man.

· Thou shalt not send friend requests to the woman on social media.

· Thou shalt not head into town without consent from the woman. You are required to give the woman your schedule and times. The last thing she needs is to bump into you when she's out on a romantic meal with her main man.


Adina Shebeen