Unspoken Rules Of Sex

· Wash your genitals

· Don't lie about being on the pill.

· Don't blow into the vagina.

· There are a lot of weird noises. Get over it!

· Take off your socks.

· Take off your t-shirt!

· Never use your teeth on his dick unless he asks you.

· There is a big difference between biting and nibbling.

· Cut/file your nails before fingering.

· Make sure your nails are always clean before sex.

· If she says "don't pull out", ABSOLUTELY pull out.

· As a guy, you must alert your partner before you cum.

· If you receive oral, you must return the favour.

· You must pee every time after sex. It helps prevent infections.

· When switching from any position to doggy style, don't say crap like "BEAT MODE".

· Be creative and use your imagination.

· If you fart whilst your partner is giving you some oral sex, you must buy your partner something shiny and valuable.