Vagina Care!

Hie guys. I'm a guest writer and this is my first post here on the SDD blog.

Lemme get straight into it. I’ve gotten a lot of messages on vaginal care, do’s and don’ts etc. so I’m just going to make a general post of how to take care of your vajayjay (feel free to add on in the comments section). I think I saw one or two other posts by Adina and Rudo on vagina care but I'm just going to add my two cents.

1). Do not shove anything that isn’t supposed to be in your vagina in your vagina. Your vagina practically does all the work for you, all you have to do is wash it with warm water. Stay away from douches, vagina soap, vaginal deodorants, regular soap, (I’ve heard of girls shoving yogurt and fruits directly in their vagina to keep it fresh?) major NO NO.

2). Eating fruits, vegetables, cranberry juice AND GREEK YOGURT are major keys to balancing your PH which is great for vaginal odor and taste. But if your vagina doesn’t smell or taste like a edible arrangement that’s okay! Nothing is wrong with your vagina. Some girls say that their vaginas taste like freshly cut pineapples after eating pineapples and some girls say their vagina tastes and smell just like a vagina even after stuffing up on pineapples. To each is their own vag.
(a). There is no scientific evidence that your vagina taste sweeter because of fruits and veggies (side note: a “sweet” vagina can sometimes mean diabetes).
(b). A vagina with a balanced ph is naturally tasteless.

3). If you don’t want to shave your vagina hair you definitely don’t have to by any means. Yes, pubic hair has many benefits but in my personal opinion, a trimmed vagina decreases vaginal odour and it’s easier to clean during your menstruation. But if you think you smell fine and or have found a balance to maintaining the smell and taking care of your hairs, cornrow your vag hair if you like, shit it’s your body. 

4). Wear cotton underwear, the thinness allows your vagina to breath. For a happier vagina don’t even wear underwear. My gyno recommended going commando after your day is over and you’re relaxing at home so your vagina is free to live and explore the world lol.

5). For all freak out there, please do NOT switch to vaginal inter course after anal (and if you do, please switch condoms). This increases your chance of a urinary infection due to the bacteria from your faeces (yes your faeces) easily traveling to your vagina. Please pee after sex and get all those toxins out of your life girl. 

Happy vagina, ladies.


Sincerely Africa