What Does Vagina Taste Like?

I called up a few friends and asked them what pussy tastes like and here are the responses. I'll start.

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Sugar Dick Dupree

· To me, all vaginas taste different. They start off salty and gradually become tasteless and then when the juices start flowing, the pussy starts to taste like metal. It's somewhat acidic and somewhat not acidic. I don't know how to explain it.
Sometimes, it tastes like old coins. Ever handled coins and then licked your finger afterwards? That's how it tastes like.
Sometimes it tastes like a packet of Salt & Vinegar crisps.
Sometimes it tastes like AA or AAA batteries.
Sometimes it tastes like lemons, mixed with a bit of lemonade but without sugar, but it's somewhat sweet at the same time.

Guy number 2.

· It tastes like salty sea water at first, then lukewarm salty water and then ends up tasting like nothing.

Guy number 3.

· It tastes like the back of my finger with just a little bit of salt and battery water added.

Guy number 4.

· It tastes like warm salty ham and sometimes it tastes like vinegar.

Guy Number 5.

· Tastes like seaweed, fish and sea water mixed with a bit of acid. It's like alkaline. It doesn't taste good at all.

Guy Number 6.

· It tastes like warm lager beer. Not good but not bad.

Guy Number 7.

· I don't know good to say this without sounding disgusting but a vagina tastes like an armpit although in a good way. Lol

Guy Number 8.

· Rusty coins, salt and fish. Very disgusting.

Guy Number 9.

· Tastes like copper coins, copper wires and batteries.

Guy Number 10.

· A clean vagina should taste like nothing. Maybe the best description is that it tastes like the insides of your cheeks.

The truth is, all pussies taste different but they all have an acidic taste to them with a bit of salt.



Sugar Dick Dupree