SDD vs A Sugar Mama Pt 1


Where do I begin?

The simple truth is a younger man who's just had a sexual encounter with an older woman will remember it as some of the best sex of his life!! That's a fact. I am one of those young men and I can confirm that sugar mamas know their stuff! Once you fuck a sugar mama, you'll be hard pressed to find a better tutor. I don't exactly know what it is that makes them great in bed. Perhaps it's because they've had years of plenty practice trying different positions, fetishes and all the techniques. Plus they have had years of self pleasuring so they know what they want. Maybe another reason is that they have been in long term relationships and even marriages, which have provided years of sexual experience with one partner so those memories are implanted into their brain, and whether good or bad, that shaped their sexual expertise.

I think they enjoy sex as much as her younger male partner without hidden agendas. They don't have any delusions that they are going to hook this man into marriage or start a family. She'll know from the get go that it's strictly a sexual thingy. This takes the pressure off the man who just wants to have fun without strings attached. So, I guess stress relief is a major reason why sex is great with an older woman.

Dunno, what else can I say?

Enter Barbara.

Barbara was 40, lived alone, divorced (her ex husband left her because she couldn't give him kids) and quite pretty. Years of stress and lack of confidence had 'hidden' her pretty looks so she looked average at first glance. She was lonely, sex starved and had given up on men after a string of unsuccessful relationships.

ENTER Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree the Great.

Barbara didn't really have a great body, but then, you don't expect a woman who's been through the rubbish she's been through to be packing heat. She had a really smooth soft butt, floppy big tits, big black nipples and a small tummy. Trust me, she looked sexy! I'll get to that later.

So one day she came over to chill at my house for pizza or whatever.  I'll fast forward all the boring bits and jump straight to the interesting parts.

So, there we were on the couch. Somehow, we ended up sitting right next to each other..facing each other. We were just talking about all kinds of shit. Small talk. I actually don't even remember what we were talking about at this point. You could tell that something sexual was brewing but who was going to make the first move?

In the end, she made the first move. She slowly reached over and ran her fingers down my jaw lines whilst looking at my lips saying sweet nothings. She kept quiet and looked straight into my eyes...her warm soft fingers now pulling my ear lobe. She put her hand behind my head, pulled me towards her face and started kissing my neck. I closed my eyes, enjoying her soft wet lips kinda munching away at my neck. Gosh, I don't want to sound like I'm exaggerating but that shit felt great! It was kinda ticklish but in a sexual way. It was weirdly relaxing and I sorta felt like I was about to fall asleep. True talk bruh. It's like she was varying her 'munching speeds'. She'd speed up, slow down, do it hard, do it soft and then nibble on me. My Gawd! She kept doing it and then started running her hands up and down my chest. It was just so sensual.

She was just different. Her smell, her confidence and the way she just gently ran her hands all over me..eish, It was romantic. It was as if she was trying to get a mental and physical connection, touching the sensitive areas of my body and mind. We hadn't even kissed yet and I really couldn't wait. I kept licking my lips and looking at hers but she looked like she wasn't even thinking about that. She'd come up to my face, then softly touch my lips with her lips and then move away. She was such a tease! The longer she delayed kissing me, the more I badly wanted it. It was torture!

I never knew what its like to have a woman not rush through foreplay  and then immediately demand to be fucked. Usually, it's always boom, bang and bye Sugar Dick Dupree style. This was an eye opener for sure. For the first time, I knew what I wanted. I needed to be touched, held, kissed, and most of all desired. Yes, men do enjoy that ladies.

I loved the way she took time exploring my body.

She stopped, stood up, held my hand and said, "c'mon, let's go to the bedroom".

We got by the stairs and I carried her up the stairs all the way to the bedroom and gently placed her on my bed. I tried to kiss her but she moved her head away. She sat up, pulled me closer to her and slowly removed my top, trousers and pants. My dick was rock hard and it jumped out of my pants. She looked at it, unbuttoned her top, placed my dick under her floppy soft breasts and then pressed her breasts against my dick whilst grabbing & rubbing my butt. She looked up at me and smiled. She grabbed my dick and placed it between her breasts in such a way that it was looking up at her. She looked down at it and saw juices oozing out of it. She held it, squeezed more juices out and then rubbed them off onto her dark nipples.

titty fucking

She stood up and told me to lie on the bed, face down. I did likewise. She then took her clothes off and sat on top of me. She started massaging my butt and back. It felt amazing. It was almost slow motion..the way it should be done..I loved it. It was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep.

Watch out for part 2



Sugar Dick Dupree.