Stororo: The One Night Stand

It was my one and only “one night stand". I was 21 and had just started my own little business in Lewisham, London. There was a nice restaurant just across the road from my office so I regularly used to go there for a meal. It was almost always the same people in there every time because most of them came from the surrounding offices and we were sorta familiar with each other. This made it super easy to exchange a few words with most of them.

So there was this Indian chick who came in daily for lunch and sometimes for dinner with her co workers at the end of the day. She wasn't that good looking but she was somewhat sexy. I can't quite explain it. She had sexy eyes and a nice body. Let's just say, she looked very nice in makeup. I guess I was attracted to the way she carried herself, plus she also had a large chest. Oh, and she also had sparkling white teeth!

We got talking for around three to four weeks. Eventually, the conversations became a bit more flirty, kinda sexual and this sorta led to a 'relationship'. She told me she liked visiting tourist sites so I eventually asked if she would like to go to the London Aquarium,

We got on so well that as we were checking out the sea life at the aquarium, we stopped in the middle and shared a first kiss. It was magical lol. The way she kissed me made my dick tingle. The rest of the day was great and we held hands often.

The day flew past and it was time to take her home. We got in the car, talked a little bit and started kissing. She was breathing heavily, had her hands running all over my torso, pinching my nipples and pretty much begging to be fucked. She ended up whipping my dick out and started sucking it. She was literally throwing her head back and forth. It was late so the place was deserted. I was busy enjoying the blow job when I noticed a police car pull up. A cop got out and went to the nearby cash machine. In a panic, I pushed her head down and told her not to move since there was a cop outside. She froze and now I'm trying to look 'normal' with my dick basically just sitting in her mouth. The cop then proceeded to stand by his car until yet another police car pulls up and they started talking. This went on for about 10 minutes by which time I had gone completely soft in her mouth and she had drooled all over my pants from her awkward position.

We left as soon as the cops left. I drove her home looking like I urinated myself lmao

So, anyway, when we got to her bedsit (all in one room lol), She asked if I would like to come up. With pleasure, I agreed and we went inside. The action that went on in the car had me turned on so we picked up from where we left off.

She confessed that she had never been with a black guy before and that she'd never cheated on her boyfriend, an Indian Air Force pilot. Dunno whether she was lying or not but that shit made me feel quite priviledged that I compared well with her glamourous boyfriend.

She undid her hair, her blouse's top two buttons, and removed her coat and shoes. She looked very sexy.

My mind was focused on her attractive curves, particularly her massive boobs, all still safe behind her blouse and bra. Slowly, we started to kiss whilst we removed each other's clothing It was intense and passionate and she was a very horny chick. I played with her pussy as she played with my dick. We were both naked except that she still had her bra on. She stood back and removed her bra...bruhhh! Im not lying and I don't want to body shame her but her boobs literally 'spilled down' her body like 2 very large raw eggs had been cracked on her stomach. They were flat and hung so low that they reached her belly button. I was kinda turned off because, at 21 years old, I hadn't seen anything like it before but I managed to get it together and maintained my erection. She laid on her back on the bed and her boobs literally fell into her armpits. It felt like I had taken a partner from an old people's home!

BUT she was a great fuck!

She wouldn't stop cumming right from the moment I stuffed my dick in her pussy. I came so much that at one point, I thought she was going to faint. She came every time I pushed it balls deep in her pussy. Even when I ejaculated on her boobs, she had an orgasm! Her pussy was so wet that we ended up placing TWO TOWELS underneath just to protect the mattress from becoming wet.

Anyway, two hours later, I thanked her for a lovely day and that was the last time I saw her. I don't know what happened to her but I never saw her again from that day. Funny enough, we never exchanged numbers so I had no way to communicate with her.



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