What Happens In Vainona Stays In Vainona

So, I'm peeping through the keyhole re pa bathroom door..and there he was..

- all naked..
- his six pack is on full display, nice chunky thighs that look like tree trunks, dark nipples, broad shoulders, well defined chest, a forest of pubes, massive dangling balls..and that dick! My gawd, he is built like a god!
- he's walking around the bathroom looking for who knows what..
- I so badly want to rip off my clothes and get in now..
- I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter..
- he opens the taps to fill up the tub, pours some bubble bath and bends over to make the water bubbly.
- what a sight! What an ass! tight, muscular, dark and smooth.
- I'm still peeping..he stops, looks in the mirror and starts stroking his big cock!
- fuck, I cant take this any more.

- I slide my hand down my pants and start rubbing my clit.
- I tell myself, "this is so wrong..my boyfriend is in the next room.." but you know what, if looking at his cock is wrong, then I never wanna be right!
- he starts stroking his juicy dick again. Fuck, this is making me lose my mind. He's obviously horny and obviously wants some pussy. I have what he wants..and I'm prepared to give it to him.
- he closes the taps, jumps into the tub and I cant see him.
- he's not making a sound.
- this is driving me insane..Shit! What is he doing? Is he still touching himself? Should I go in? Should I go away?
- I remain peeping through the keyhole hoping he'd surface but nothing.
- FUCK IT! I have to make a decision. I'M GOING IN!
- I remove my clothes, quietly opened the door and went in.

black guy in the tub

- there he was, in full glory, lying in the tub with his eyes shut, stroking his wet cock..
- he then opens his eyes, sees me, jumps up out of the tub..stands in silence..looks at me.. dick still erect.
- I get closer to him, still with my fingers on my clit, and one hand squeezing my nipple. I grabbed his dick, lifted up one leg and guided it into my pussy.
- eish, it feels fucking great!! It's very warm and my pussy was already wet so it easily slides in.
- I looked into his half shut eyes, held him by the back of his neck and stuck my tongue in his mouth.
- he pushes his cock into me, and the deeper he goes, the more it feels good.
- we kiss each other and I'm close to cumming.
- he lifts me up in the air, grabs my thighs and starts banging me.
- our bodies are slapping against each other. We are both breathing heavily, like literally panting. "fuck me" I tell him.

- I'm reaching the point where I need to scream this orgasm out. IAt this point, I dont care if my boyfriend hears us.
- my fingers are dug into his back and the man just bangs me. His balls are slapping against my ass..
- he bangs the shit out of me until I couldn't hold in my screams any more. I tell him Im gonna scream because I need to get this orgasm out of me.
- So he covers my mouth with his hand and I immediately start squirting. I squirt all over him dick and it trickles down his balls and thighs.
- he tells me he's about to cum and I tell him to "cum all over my face".
- I jump off him, got down on my knees..and wait for the finale.
- he strokes his dick a few times, looks up to the ceiling and splatters cum all over my boobs. The man literally emptied his balls on my chest. Some splattered on my cheeks and chin.
- I rub it all into my breasts and nipples.
- I quickly stand up, wash off the rest and head back to my sleeping boyfriend.
- He sorta wakes up, gives me a kiss, mumbles some shit and whispers kuti, "I heard everything..but I still love you baby". He smiles and then says "let's go to sleep baby, I know you are tired".




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