Do Women Really Enjoy A Finger In Their Ass?

First and foremost, exhaust means asshole.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get down to business. So, do women in real life really enjoy a finger or two up their exhaust during intercourse? The answer really depends from woman to woman. Some do, most don't and a lot hate it.

fingering black woman's asshole

Unlike men, women don’t have have a prostate gland up in their exhaust. The most sensitive part of a woman’s exhaust is near the entry point and not down the asshole which means you don’t have to insert your finger all the way in.

If you're going to stick a finger in her asshole, the main thing is to make sure that your woman is comfortable with this sort of thing.

· Make sure you only insert just one finger and you need to be very gentle and it should be done gradually. Why? Because the exhaust is a very sensitive area and can be easily torn.

· Make sure she is horny enough and wet before you go anywhere near any of her holes.

· The most important thing is to make sure that your own finger is well lubricated (and that the nail are very short). If you haven't got any lubricants, you will have to use good ol' saliva because the exhausts are naturally dry. Dry penetration will hurt her.

· Do not thrust your finger in and out like you do when fingering her pussy. You will hurt her. Just gently slide in the tip of your finger. Do not do it aggressively but not too slowly either. From here, you're woman will tell you how she wants it. I can't really give any tips because, when it comes to exhausts, women react differently. If she likes to have her ass played around with, she will have one heck of an orgasm if you time it right.

· Never use the same finger for anal and vaginal penetration.

· Be warned that shit stays in the asshole so expect some shit on your finger.

If you do not like the idea of sticking your finger in her asshole, just do what I do. I tend to play around with the exhaust or press it with my thumb particularly during Doggy. I just want her to feel my thumb or finger on her ass. I don't want to slide my finger in there lol.

If she’s not into that kind of shit, don’t force things. Just accept her decisions.



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