Does Arching Your Back Make Doggy Feel Better?

Does arching her back make Doggystyle better? If you do not know what arching your back is, just check out the image below.


black woman assumes doggystyle position


Women are built differently so there's no real accurate answer but I personally think its 100% better because it changes the depth and angle of penetration. It gives me a better attacking angle. It makes her butt look bigger, appear fuller and it also makes it easier to grab hold of &  control. It's also an invitation to spank her and really sexy to look at. My dick is getting hard by looking at that image.

That said, it can also actually be painful or uncomfortable for her. Then again, this depends on the woman, how her back is arched and also your dick.

I hope Rudo or Adina will tell us what it feels like for them when they arch their back during Doggy. I'm sure they know a thing or two. Tell me what it feels like for you in the comments below.

I've run out of shit to say so...



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