Gallery: Don't Forget To Squeeze Her Butt!

I keep saying this but it's important. 

Always squeeze her butt during fucking

· Grab her butt

· Dig your fingers in the cheeks

· Spread it wide

· Rub it around

· Play around with it

squeeze her butt during sex.

· Spank the butt

· Press it down

· Massage it

· Hold on to it

· An ex always used to orgasm every time I spread her arse cheeks apart.

squeeze her butt during sex

Check out this position. Whenever a woman has her legs tight together in any position, her pussy becomes a bit smaller and a bit tighter.

Never ignore the butt. It's very sensitive, that's why most women orgasm when spanked during penetration. 

I love spanking, and I enjoy getting spanked when I'm fucking her in missionary position. My butt gets quite sensitive and for some reason, it gets 'wet' and sweaty when I'm turned on. I don't understand why that happens but it does.



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