Gents: Today's Tip Of The Day


- You have to be healthy. Hit the gym quite often (or at least do regular exercises). An unfit man usually performs badly in the bedroom and almost always ejaculates early. Sex is a workout and you need to be fit in order to be on top of your game. Working out regularly results in better stamina levels, which basically means when she says "don't stop, don't stop..keep fucking.. I'm about to cum", you can bang her hard and fast continuously without getting tired. You get my drift. Staying fit is the most important thing.

How to last long

- Learn to control how you breath. Holding your breath will result in you ejaculating far too early. I dont know how to explain it but when you hold your breath, it builds up all the sensations and makes you become more aroused resulting in immediate ejaculation. You must learn to breathe normally.

- Relax and take your time. There's no need to hurry straight to sex because everything will be over too quickly. Slow down and explore her body. Touch her all over and try to make her cum before penetration. Massage her, kiss her and do all the shit you do during foreplay. Most -if not all- women enjoy foreplay. Slowing down allows you to relax. 

- Do not be led to believe that alcohol will make you last longer in bed. It may be true to an extent (partly because your brain would have slowed down a.k.a high) but do not allow yourself to rely on alcohol or even weed (Marijuana). Those things may be "good" in the short term but have long term risks on your sex life. Drinking too much beer or smoking weed all the time will definitely ruin your sex life in the long term. Beer can even cause erectile dysfunction.

Learn to fuck without relying on such.

Stay away from Viagra.

- It will ruin you. It's meant for older men (in particular) who suffer from erectile dysfunction. If your dick is working well then you do not need it.



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