Guys, Don't Be Quiet During Sex

Make some noises..

Guys, listen to me. Women do like guys who make noise in the bedroom. Noise is a good way of letting your woman know that you're enjoying her pussy. Besides, when it comes to sex, people generally believe that the more the noise, the more pleasure being had. Depending on your noises (I'm hoping you don't make weird noises), your partner can actually be turned on more.

If you remain quiet, still and stiff, your woman won't know what to do. The session will most likely be dull and instead of enjoying your dick, she will spend the entire session questioning herself if she's doing the right thing and wonder if you're actually enjoying sex. Your silence can easily knock her confidence in the bedroom.

Just learn to relax and allow yourself to breathe properly. Don't hold back your breathing because that will result in premature ejaculation. Just relax and open your mouth do that air can escape lol. Allow sounds to escape from your mouth. Be vocal, breathe, make some noise, moan, growl, groan, pull the bed sheets.. DO SOMETHING!

Whatever you do, just don't moan like a woman because that could put her off.



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