I'll put this in bullet points because it's...I just can't be bothered to narrate the whole story.

· I started by writing stories (I call them stororos) on Facebook. I liked the responses I received from readers and that encouraged me to write more. The more stororos I wrote the more thumbs up I received. I didn't like writing the stories using my real ID so I came up with the name Sugar Dick Dupree. Why the name? Because I'm sweet (as Sugar), I am well endowed (big Dick) and I needed a surname to complete the name and for some reason, I picked Jermaine Dupree's surname..and Sugar Dick Dupree was born. Initially, it was going to be Justin Dupree but it just didn't have the ring to it.

· I then decided to create a secret Facebook group so I could post the sex stories directly to my fans.

· A friend named Adina Shebeen suggested that I should create a blog instead of wasting my energy in posting my stororos on Facebook so I created a blog called Shebeen Blog on WordPress in February 2012.

• It was also around that time that I created the Sugar Dick Dupree logo. The logo is simply my passport picture in monochrome. 

Sugar Dick Dupree logo

· I ran the blog for around six years (I ran it from a Nokia 6680 phone) until someone reported it for violating WordPress rules (they don't tolerate x-rated images). This resulted in WordPress immediately pulling the plug on the blog on the 25th of January 2018.

· Two weeks later, I registered this domain SugarDickDupree.com and I set out on creating a website. I didn't want my website to be WordPress powered so I chose a different content management system. I launched the new website in March 2018 and it took me months to learn website design and maintenance. I think I finally got the gist of things by November 2018.

· By December 2018, I needed a break plus I had become heavily involved in property development and this meant I had little to no time to maintain the site. When I created the site, my goal was to reach 10 million hits so when I achieved that, I lost interest in the site. I stopped updating it in November 2018 and simply allowed the website to expire in February 2019.

· I took a six month break (mainly because of my career as a property developer) and pretty much concentrated on being a troll on Facebook. It's easier than maintaining a website.

· Then on the 29th of July 2019, I sold a piece of land I'd been trying to sell for ages, and to celebrate, I decided to bring the blog back. I wanted it back and the fans wanted it back. This brings me to where I am now.

I'll push on for a year and see how it all goes. I haven't set any targets but I promised myself that if this blog makes £2 000 in donations and money earned from the adverts, I will purchase a five year hosting package.

And this is where the story ends.