Clean Your Exhaust

Ladies, when bathing please do not forget to wash your exhaust (booty hole/arsehole/ass).

Wash it thoroughly please.

ALMOST ALWAYS during doggy, your man will definitely have a look at your exhaust unless you do it in the dark. It's just happens automatically. He will see everything. So that's why I say you must keep it extra clean.

When your man spreads your butt cheeks apart exposing your exhaust, he should be greeted by a clean exhaust.. He doesn't expect any nastiness.
- a clean exhaust can look really sexy.. particularly if you've rubbed oils on each other.
- it can easily turn him on.
- it just looks nice..
- it can look lick-able.. Yeah, I know some of you here aren't too freaky in bed or you have limits..but there are a lot of guys out there that DO love licking exhausts..and you won't know it until he does it to you..

A dirty exhaust can easily kill the mood and maybe even put the relationship on the line. I mean, would you want to continue dating someone who almost always has a dirty exhaust? If you don't wash it properly, there will be a brown-ish/ yellow-ish/ green-ish colour..and it looks really disgusting! I have come across bits of tissues and even the odd piece of shit..yeah.. It's just so off putting.

Don't say I didn't tell you

This goes for you guys as well. When your woman is massaging you, she'll look at it and expect to see a clean exhaust. I don't know if women are turned on by looking at exhausts but it's just good to keep things clean.. Imagine her reaction during 69 position.

There are women out there who love licking exhausts though.

So, keep it clean and wash it thoroughly.. Remember,  good hygiene is a plus when it comes to sex. Nobody wants to fuck with a stinky person..



Sugar Dick Dupree