Romantic Tip For Men

Gents, take some time out and write your woman a love letter. A HANDWRITTEN love letter!

Ladies love that, and yep, it is very romantic. Yes, an email or text message is the quickest and easiest way send a 'sweet nothings' to your woman but nothing beats a handwritten love letter.

Sending an email just lacks 'emotional warmth' plus the reader feels somewhat disconnected. No matter how good your email is and how beautiful the words are, it'll just appear like a copy & paste thingy. I can't quite explain it but a handwritten letter tucked away in a box or drawer is a totally different thing.

Yes, the ink will eventually fade and the paper will one day disintegrate, but until then, handwritten letters provide a wonderful, tangible, living record of how you really felt for her at that point when you wrote the letter.

So, write one....

Infact, write a letter to your wife tonight, post it tomorrow morning and by Monday, the postman will be delivering it to your house. That usually blows women away, even if she's 70yrs old. Sounds rubbish but it works like magic...I know so because I invented romance.



Sugar Dick Dupree